Cloud Computing Service

Cloud Computing service

cloud computing services

cloud computing services

Cloud Computing –

Cloud computing is an internet-based computing, where data and resources are shared on demand for computers and other devices! Simply put, using Cloud Computing stores your files in a place that is not your local horse drive!

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a very usefull feature, allowing you to access all your required files such as Documents, Photos, Music, vidoes, etc. You can also save it on the Internet as well as on the Internet, this file is saved in two ways, no one can edit any other than the personal and shared personalized file, nor can it be tampered with Could!

But there is a facility to convert the shared files to your friends and to a group, so this is the advantage that if you are working on a project, then you can easily share it in your group, you can see it at your convenience and Can convert it to another facility by keeping our files online and offline saved by cloud storage.

Also, if the computer is not broken or available, you can view your file from any place, cyber cafe or any smart phone, and work on them!

How to Work Cloud Services –

How to Work Cloud Services

How to Work Cloud Services

If someone provides a service through the Internet, then it is called cloud computing or cloud service, this service can be anything, such as off-site storage or computing resources or so, if cloud computing or cloud service is done by Internet Technologies With the help of these services, facilities like infrastructure, platform, application and store space are available, in which according to the needs of the users Use the service from! And they pay the service, whom they use, you understand from an example –

On the other hand, Facebook, which has 757 million active users and which has nearly 2 million views on the Daily Futees daily, accounts for about 3 billion, is uploaded every month, 1 million websites use Facebook and 50 million operations per second. In such a way, the traditional computing system can not solve these problems, but we need something better, which can do this work. That’s why cloud computing is only needed for such computing!

How to Use Cloud Service –

To use cloud computing, you only need to create an account on the website that provides only related cloud storage service and you can avail the cloud storage service in just a few minutes!

Nmae of website that provides cloud storage service –

  • Google
  • Microsoft Sky Drive
  • Yandex Disk Claudsrvis
  • 4sync
  • Drop Box

Benefits of Cloud Computing –

1 – It can be Data Online Store from 5 GB to 25 GB
2 –  Files can be done by opening any location.
3 – Files can be accessed together in Mobile, computer, laptop, tablet.
4 –  Files can be shared in many places at once.
5 –  In the event of a computer being worn, files can be easily withdrawn in any new computer.
6 – The biggest advantage of this is that any size file can be shared online, there is no File Size Limit, as you may know that the file attachment is not valid for more than 10 MB when doing email. But in this you can share the file of any size online.
You can take advantage of this facility free of charge.
6 – No additional hardware is available.
7 – It is very easy to use, it looks like a Computer / Windows Explorer.
8 – Files can also be edited online.
9 – Your document can be used while roaming anywhere.
10 –  All files are online and offline.

Types of Cloud Services –

Cloud sewers are usually divided into three types:

1- Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS):

It gives access to Services on Demand IT Infrastructure. It includes storage, network and computer that runs your workload. As a business user, you can request IT Services, and pay only the services you are using. Example – Service, Firewalls, Routers, CDN

2 – Platform-as-a-service (PaaS):

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) This is a cloud base environment, which you use to develop, test, run and manage your application. This service includes web servers, Dev Tools, Execution Runtime and online database. Its approach is to give development environments according to your need, without the complexity of purchasing, creating or managing basic infrastructure. As a result, you can work fast and release the application quickly.

For example, you have developed your own e-commerce website, but shopping cart, checkout and payment mechanism are running on all Merchant’s servers.

3 -Software-as-a-service (SaaS):

SaaS is the most common form used by small businesses, and includes the use of host software on a remote server. It runs an application through your web browser and Save, retrieve or share stores files outside of your business.

Web-based email, office software, online games, customer relationship management systems and communication tools are all examples of SaaS.

Advantages Of Cloud Computing

1 – Easy Set-Up:

You can set up one minute cloud computing services. For this, it is easy to adjust your personal settings, select a password, or select which device to connect to on the network.

2 – Worldwide Access:

You can always access these files by storing files on Google Drive like Cloud Services (this requires internet) and it does not matter where you are.

You can stay anywhere in the world, use it. Cloud computing increases mobility, because now you can access your documents from any device in any part of the world.

This is even more beneficial for business, employees can take documents without them, do their work at home or on business trips. It increases productivity and provides faster exchange of information.

3 – Reduced Cost:

Cloud computing is often cheaper. If the software is already installed online, you will not need to reinstall it on your own PC. Many cloud computing, such as Dropbox, allow Google Drive to free up to 10 to 15GB of space storage.

If you pay for cloud services, then it is on a monthly or annual basis. In this, you only pay for the services you need.

4 – More Storage:

In the past, the memory was always limited to a particular device. Cloud computing has increased the storage, so you will not have to worry about the end of the store at the hard drive now.

Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing –

1 – Loss of Control:

Cloud Computing Services controls the user. It not only determines how much you will pay to use this service, but with this you can store which information you can store and decide from where you can access it.

2 – Security:

When using a cloud computing service, you are essentially handing over your data to a third party. The fact is, these servers are accessing many users simultaneously in the world, then security issues are there.

The company has confidential information, and they can always be especially worried, because their data can possibly be harmed by viruses and other malware. However some servers are using spam filters, email encryption, and secure HTTPS.

3 – Internet:

While Internet usage is increasing rapidly, but it is still not available everywhere. If you are in a location where there is no access to the Internet, then you can not use the cloud services. Cloud Computing Hindi

4 – Privacy:

Cloud computing comes with the risk that unauthorized users can access your information. To prevent this from occurring, cloud computing services provide password protection and work on secure servers with data encryption technology.

Cloud computing has changed the entire computing industry, it has completely changed the look of business, and it also provides many benefits to IT infrastructure. For hardware and software that seemed a few years ago, it would have been impossible! Now a virtual machine needs just a few minutes to run, cloud computing has changed the look of companies and business! It is now the first choice to become the first choice. If someone does a business properly with the entire planning strategy and the right budget, then it will definitely be successful and the scientist is doing more and more research to make it even better.

Note  – The basic funda of Cloud computing is that “You can access any of your data in any corner of the world”

Example – G-mail, google Drive, etc.

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